This program allows you to design, create and sell your own products, from candles to t-shirts. The only limitation is imagination.
Informative and fun workshops for primary and high schools based on contemporary topics such as bullying, mental health, social media, healthy relationships, anger management, drugs, and alcohol.
Personal Development and Health and Physical Education programs give you the chance to develop fine and gross motor skills while building strength and mobility. Learn to swim, run, kick and throw like a champ.
Get creative with Music, Dance and Visual Arts programs in open plan spaces.
Our Digital Media Studio is the perfect place to not only practise your computer skills but to step into Hollywood with our Movie Makers program.
Here we build on the Cook for Me program and help you develop more complex, work ready skills.
We have an industrial teaching kitchen where you can learn basic cooking and nutrition skills.
At the onsite café you can join our Barista crew and learn to make coffees for our community while practising customer service and communication skills along the way.
Explore our local and wider community and join your friends on social outings, or practise independent work skills during work experience and volunteering opportunities.
 Explore your creativity through Dance, Music, Art, and build important fine and gross motor skills in a fun environment.

Getting started?

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