Allied Health Services

(NDIS- Core: Assistance with Daily Life. NDIS- Capital: Home Mods and Specialist Disability Accommodation)

Allied Health Services is a team of specialist clinicians who work together with participants and their carers, to translate NDIS plans into meaningful goals and therapy outcomes. Our clinical team provides quality services across psychology, behaviour support, speech pathology and occupational therapy. Therapy assistance is also available to maximise potential, through regular therapy implementation.

We cater for individuals from multi-cultural backgrounds and have expertise in the areas of autism spectrum disorder, acquired brain injury, anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and borderline personality disorder.

NDIS Support Coordination

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Allied Health Services

Occupational therapists and Physiotherapists can help you achieve your goals based around “occupation” which can be anything that you need or want to do. Occupational therapists and Physiotherapists focus on what is meaningful and purposeful to you so you can thrive.
Our Speech Pathologists provide therapeutic support
Behaviour Support Practitioners work collaboratively with participants and their support system to mitigate risks and help maintain ongoing relationships between our clients and the people who support them.
Our psychologists are registered with AHPRA and provide tailored, evidence-based approaches for the people we support. We create safe spaces and build trust with our participants and families; flexible therapeutic supports are delivered in a variety of settings including clinics, home, school, and community settings.
Providing individualised support for those who are dealing with mental health issues, behavioural issues, trauma, those requiring education or employment support, as well as those experiencing family breakdowns or homelessness.

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