Annalise Zareba

Manager of Community and Youth

Annalise joined The Junction Works as a Youth Worker in 2019. Annalise was initially drawn not only to the job description but also to the clear emphasis on collaboration, teamwork and support.
“This has definitely proven to be true, I experienced it when I first started and still do to this day.” Annalise is proud of the career progression she has achieved at TJW, starting in 2019 as a youth worker to currently serving as the Head of Community and Youth fostering the same supportive environment that attracted her four years ago.

“The field of work we’re in can have its challenges but it’s fulfilling work and so gratifying to see and hear the positive impacts our services have had on others. TJW’s mission of creating new possibilities not only applies to our clients, children, young people, and families, but also to the staff. There’s a range of opportunities and tasks to experience at work which not only helps us learn and grow but also keeps up the motivation! “

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